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NPTI –Shivpuri is incorporated with four nos. laboratories i.e. Solar, Micro Grid ,Wind, HVDC & Smart Grid, High Voltage Transmission line and Protective System Computer Lab. Trainees will have big exposure while going through rigorous practical training in these laboratories.


NPTI Shivpuri is having state of art multi-functional Simulators with a configuration of Thermal: 210 MW/ 500 MW/800 MW, Hydro: 250 MW & Smart Grid.

NPTI, Shivpuri installed a High-Fidelity Simulator. This simulator is first of its kind in India because of its unique feature of Multifunctional operation. The simulator will provide dynamic simulation of 800MW TPP unit, 500MW TPP unit, 250 MW Hydro unit, 210MW TPP unit and Smart Grid system. All the above-mentioned virtual units are installed on a single hardware and can be switched to one to another at any instant of time. This feature provides the flexibility to train the Trainees from different expects in terms of the operation of power plant units.

This system provides training environment for coal fired, gas fired and Hydro units with smart grid operation.

Emerson used the controls configurations and graphics with the high-fidelity process models for the simulator commissioning. The control system is developed on OVATION DCS platform (EMERSON product) and Model is developed on JADE modelling software (GSE product).

The simulator will also be a tool for initial training and retraining of control room operators, operation supervisors, and other plant equipment operators in:

• Various plant systems, equipment and their functions

• Following specific plant operating procedures

• Abnormal and emergency events, including malfunctions

Finally, the simulator will be a tool to aid in developing and conducting engineering and control system analysis.

33 KVA Power Station

NPTI, Shivpuri is having 33/11KV Substation 800 (KVA) with Two Transformer each capacity of 400KVA-2Nos. and in the Event of Power failure back up by Diesel Generator Get (250KVA)

20 KW Solar Rooftop

NPTI,Shivpuri is having 20 KW Solar Rooftop with Grid Connected Mode is Located above the Auditorium Building.

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