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Power Plant Simulator

Today’s changing industrial scenario is evolving into a globalization of economy, where only a well-managed strong technical base can have cutting edge over others to maintain a clear superiority. As a leader in the power sector, NPTI has established its roots in training on Simulator to enhance the quality of operation and maintenance skills in power plant professionals and trainees. Power plant simulator is the effective tool for operational training.

Power plant simulator is an advanced hands-on-training tool, used mainly for the plant operation staff training in areas such as unit start-up, shut-down, load, operation, emergency handling etc. In addition, a simulator can also be used as a powerful tool to verify process design and control strategies prior to start-up of a plant as well as investigation and testing of operational problems that are normally not allowable under real plant operating conditions.

Simulator gives the feeling of operating a real power plant without incurring any generation loss of damaging any plant equipments. It raises the level of proficiency and builds up confidence required to handle emergencies in an actual plant operation. Hence, for training in whole gamut of plant operation, the simulators are becoming indispensable. Feedback shows trainees retention level to attend various emergencies is extremely high

250MW Hydro Simulator:

The Hydro Simulator at NPTI, HPTC, Nangal is replica of 1st Unit of 250MW capacity of Nathpha Jhakri Hydro Power Station (Satluj Jal Vidut Nigam Ltd). The Simulator features; Initial conditions, Freezing, Back tracking, Snap Shots, Mall function insertion ,Record and Replay, Fast & Slow mode simulation, Input /Output override and windows showing Trend & Log monitoring facilities make this Hydro Simulator a very effective tool for off the job and hands on training of Operators / Engineers.

Most commonly faced malfunctions in hydro power station have also been simulated with observations, probable cause and remedial action/measures to be taken by an operator under emergent conditions. The contents of manual are also supported by hydro plant schemes, which will help in better learning for safe and efficient O&M of Hydro station.

Simulator Training Profitability

Companies can increase profitability through increase in efficiency, stability, minimum faults and effective maintenance, efficiently operation of hydro units, maximized output and increased operational safety.

Advantages of the Hydro Simulator Training:

  • Highly efficient learning- Training on simulator gives the feeling of operating a real power plant. By operating equipment by own hand, a participants gains confidence and expertise in a very short period, which otherwise cannot be possible in a real plant.
  • No fuel cost on account of training- To run a simulator training session, there is no wastage of any material or fuel, which may otherwise be needed to run a training demonstration on a running unit. The only power consumption is few hundred watts of electricity to run the computer & display systems.
  • No wastage of equipment time- A running plant is not always available for any specific type of training, whereas simulator is always available for all types of training session. Previously stored initial conditions can be used to create any plant scenario at any time, any number of times. Thus, no time is lost in terms of training needs.
  • Risk free training- A slight mistake in real plant can be costly and hazardous for the life of man and machine. Hence training on a live plant will always be under great tension. Simulator relieves the trainee from all such tensions and risks. The trainee is allowed to commit mistakes and learn from them with no hazards or losses of any type.
  • High retention level- Simulator training takes an operation up to 90% retention level, the tangible and intangible benefits of which are significant.
  • Improved sharpness- Simulator training helps the operation staff to refresh knowledge sharpens their operation skills and improves upon reflexes. Experience gained over years of actual emergency handling can be attained within few days of training on simulator.
  • Test bed – Simulator has vast capabilities not only in terms of training but also in day-to- day fault analysis of plant, design review and studies, control systems evaluation and operation procedure etc.

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