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Main Objectives

  1. To function as a National Organisation for training in the field of –
    1. Operation and maintenance of Power Stations and
    2. All other aspects of Electrical Energy Systems including Transmission, Sub-Transmission and Distribution.
  2. To act as an apex body for initiating and coordinating training programmes in the power sector in the country.

    Subsidiary Objectives

    1. To identify and assess the training needs of the Power Sector in the Country.
    2. To coordinate the training activities of the various Utilities and those of other technical Institutions and supplement it with the training programmes of its own training Institutes.
    3. To establish standard norms regarding qualifications and training for personnel of various levels.
    4. To serve as a National Certification Authority for the purpose of Certification of competence and/or participation to ensure availability of properly trained personnel to man the Electricity Supply Industry.
    5. To initiate, conduct and coordinate R&D studies in the field of Operation, Maintenance and Management of Power Generation and Transmission System and to prepare and conduct specialized training programmes.
    6. To establish, maintain and manage laboratories, workshops, experimental transmission lines, sub-station and other facilities required for maintenance of its objectives.
    7. To collect information and maintain documentation in the field of electricity generation and distribution.
    8. To collect, prepare, edit, print and publish material, paper, periodicals or reports in furtherance of the objectives of the Society.
    9. To organize Seminars and Workshops.
    10. To enter into agreements with any enterprise or institution or person and provide funds to them for specific training programmes, demonstrations, assignments, preparation of training material or technical guidance.
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