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05/10/2020 to 23/10/2020

3 Weeks Online Training Program on Artificial Intelligence


24/08/2020 to 06/11/2020

11 weeks Training programme on Live Line Maintenance Techniques (112th Batch) using Hot...

12/08/2020 to 14/08/2020

3 Days Online Awareness Course on Live Line Maintenance Activities

30/01/2020 to 31/01/2020

Two Days Workshop On - Operation and Maintenance of SF6 Breakers from 30th - 31st January, 2020...

18/11/2019 to 20/12/2019

25th Five Weeks training Programme on Live Line Maintenance Techniques up to 400 KV Lines using...

16/09/2019 to 20/09/2019

Report of AICTE - ATAL Academy sponsored program on Artificial Intelligence conducted at HLTC,...

16/09/2019 to 20/09/2019

AICTE - Training & Learning (ATAL) Academy Sponsored Program on Artificial Intelligence (AI...


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